What You’ll Hear From The Professional Key Makers

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Security is a very important topic when it comes to households, and most of this security tends to rest upon a very fundamental component of the home – the locks and the keys. That being said, it is fairly easy to compromise the security of a house should the lock or key fail, which is why it is important to prevent such a possibility. Below are some of the best advice professionals have for you in this regard:

Finding a good smith is difficult – never wait until the last moment to find an emergency locksmith; you will likely find an amateur who will either break down your lock down, or charge you an excessive fee for a small and simple service. Instead, prepare yourself beforehand for this eventuality (because, who won’t ever forget their key inside the house?), and look for a professional smith early on. Having a professional you can rely on when you need them to is going to save you many hours outside trying to get hold of someone. Of course, make sure that the professional you eventually pick is able to come to your property during an emergency!

Rekey your new properties – one of the most important advice that just about any locksmith Campbelltown will tell you is rekeying any property you move into. This may be a newly purchased property or it may be a newly built property – there is no difference either way.

A purchased property definitely needs to be rekeyed because the existing keys and locks have been previously used by someone else, and you never know whether they are still in possession of the keys or not. Likewise, it is recommended to rekey a newly built property because the builders and contractors had access to the keys during the construction process, and you cannot be sure of whether they have duly relinquished this access or not, so it is best to rekey the entire property.

Deadbolts are your best friend – another good advice is to always rely on deadbolts, especially if you live in a particularly unsafe neighbourhood. Locks, no matter how well you maintain them and make sure that the keys do not get lost, can still be easily broken. Even a chain for your door can be relatively less safe as an unlocked door can provide enough of a space to unhinge the chain. However, a deadbolt can protect you from such burglary attempts, for force is necessary to break down a bolted door (and the thief likely does not want to resort to making loud noises). Keep in mind that the deadbolt has to be properly fitted by a professional, and taking extra steps to ensure it is safe is also recommended. For example, have another lock on the deadbolt if there is a window right next to it allowing easy access.

Author: Jennifer Morgan