Importance Of Fire Extinguisher Service

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It is very important to know exactly what a fire extinguisher is. We all know that carbon dioxide is non-combustible and does not support combustion so it is used for extinguishing fire. The apparatus used for this purpose is known fire as extinguisher.

We can find them hanging on the walls in schools, hospitals, office rooms, cinema halls etc. That means fire extinguishers can be seen any public places. So, it is very important to take good care of the extinguishers as these are very important. Equally important is to hire the right fire equipment servicing. One thing is very important to remember that proper testing and maintenance i.e. monitoring and it routine wise is very essential. Companies offering height safety equipment Melbourne and fire equipment maintenance and servicing have certain features of their own. They provide monthly or periodic inspections as well as routine maintenance. The devices are being checked by the technicians. Proper cleaning, checking the pull pin etc. is being carried out. A fire extinguisher can malfunction if proper maintenance is not taken. During any fire emergency, the fire extinguishers are used widely and commonly. But if these do not work properly, then what will be the scenario?

It could be the worst situation with massive loss and dangers. Before the fire brigade comes, this is the best way of putting out the fires.
Both for residential as well as commercial purpose we can use these fire extinguishers. We often don’t check the expiry date of these extinguishers. All fire extinguishers have a certain validity of time. If it is not used within that given period of time then it needs to be refilled again. Often we forget or unnoticed this and this actually hampers the routine maintenance of the extinguishers.

  • Exactly What a Regular Fire Extinguisher Servicing consists of:
  • It keeps your equipment ready during the emergencies
  • Helps you to have a safe and secure atmosphere as it can save the property as well as the lives
  • Helps to abide the local fire codes and regulations which are mandatory by the government while running public organisations
  • Helps to meet the preconditions of the insurance company
    Annual maintenance is also there where the technicians refill the extinguishers after its validity expires. Hydrostatic testing and maintenance of the internal part or cartridge is also being carried out. Thus, it is very important to take the advice of the servicing company of the fire extinguishers. They can examine the proper volume of the material or components or agent of the extinguishers. Thorough inspections are very essential if you have already installed the fire extinguishers at your home or office or any sort of business place. Always keep one thing in your mind that a simple inspection or maintenance of the extinguishers can save many things and can keep the danger away. As we all know that this is the primary way to put out the fire away.

Author: Jennifer Morgan